Children and Young People in Custody – The Research

This training is a ‘straight to ICV’ resource but has elements for scheme managers too, so please do watch and review the documents as well as sending it out to ICVs. The training is written and presented by Dr Miranda Bevan, post-doctoral fellow at the London School of Economics, detailing her research and findings into Children and Young People in police custody.

The training comprises of 3 videos, and two resources, the checklist for ICVs is attached to this post, and the Scheme Manager thematic document has been uploaded seperately to this section of the site.

Video One gives an introduction from Dr Bevan, with an overview of why looking specifically at the needs of CYP in police custody is important, and the methodology of her research. This is a short video of around 10 mins.

Video Two is a longer video at 40 mins, and considers in detail the findings from the research, with quotes from children and young people in custody and custody staff to give insight into custody from varying perspectives.

Video Three is a brief video at only 2 minutes, but gives an overview of the documents which go alongside of the training, a checklist for ICVs, and a thematic review document for schemes who might be interesting in looking at the treatment of children and young people in custody in their area in more detail. Both documents are attached to this email for your use and onward sending as you would wish to do.

Dr Bevan has included a link to her full research for those who would like to read further on this issue, and ICVA thanks her for all of her work to bring this resource to you and your ICVs.

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